Haicheng Haiming Mining Co.,Ltd; (HHMC) was established on 6th, Nov.2012 with a 240 million RMB registered capital. The project processing area is around 675,000 square meter also we have a 850,000 square meter mining area, HHMC is a Liaoning provincial government supervised project, integrated mining with processing of raw magnesia. 

The project construction is divided into phase-I and phase-II, phase-I got one-billion RMB investment, incl.: ①1,000,000 tpa raw magnesia mining project; ②250,000 tpa flotation concentrate project; ③100,000 tpa high-purity magnesia project. Main equipment such as Multiple Hearth Furnace, Briquetting Presses, High-temperature Shaft Kilns and fully automatic control technology are all imported from ThyssenKrupp Germany. Owning the most advanced dedusting and environmental protection equipment, we also took the cleaning energy-natural gas as fuel.For project phase-I.

Regarding project phase-II, we considered: ①600,000 tpa flotation concentrate plant; ②200,000 tpa calcined magnesia project; ③100,000 tpa high-purity magnesia project. ④200,000 tpa fused magnesia (incl.:large crystal, normal FM, Dicalcium FM and Mg-Al spinel). The HPM and FM projects are designed by ACRE Dalian while the flotation concentrate plant is designed by BGRIMM Technology Group.

Nowadays, HHMC set high-tech, high-efficiency, environmental protection as the enterprise's development target, actively respond to the national call of the North-east Revitalization, taking advantages of local resources to continue the development of follow-up projects, increasing investment efforts and contribute to the local economic development.