About haiming

Haicheng Haiming Mining Co.,Ltd; (HHMC) was established on 6th, Nov.2012 with a 240 million RMB registered capital. The project processing area is around 675,000 square meter also we have a 850,000 square meter mining area, HHMC is a Liaoning provincial government supervised project, integrated mining with processing of raw magnesia. 


Established in

2.4100 million

Registered capital

4200Ten thousand tons

Mine reserves



Enterprise strength

The flotation for phase-I imports advanced equips civil abroad, there are crushing, grinding, flotation, dewatering and concentrating processes to purify the high grade concentrates, guarantee the high-quality fines output.

  • Advanced production equipment and technology

    The advanced production equipment and technology of German ThyssenKrupp company have been introduced, and automatic control has been realized in the whole line

  • High tech Enterprises

    It has obtained the certification of high-tech enterprises and Anshan Municipal Engineering Technology R & D center, as well as more than 20 scientific and technological achievements.

  • High tech, green and environmental protection

    Clean energy natural gas is selected as the production fuel, and high-efficiency bag dust collector is equipped to ensure the company's flue gas emission up to the standard.